"I like his honesty and patience. He adapts his teaching to the student's skills and background. He focuses well on identifying issues and giving them proper attention. He gives constructive feedback and points out where progress has been made. Overall, he fosters an open learning environment.
In a short time, I developed a rapport with Jon concerning music and singing. It was interesting to get his views on the subject matter since we had different musical backgrounds. Two words: thank you!"

-Stephen, 40

"He said he liked the finger racing games and making lesson fun. As a parent I was very satisfied. He said Jon is really nice and good at the piano. As mom I would say I appreciate the patience Jon had with my child who can have a very hard time focusing and sitting still at times. Jon was very professional and understanding when my child exhibited bad behavior. My son does not really love to play the piano but still loved going to lessons with Jon. Jon's love for music very evident. His ability to engage children and get them to share his enthusiasm is a real gift."

-Mother of Sawyer, 7

"Great attitude! I would recommend him! Especially for boys. Boys need to know that Men can play piano too!"

-Mother of male, 8

"He kept me going even when I was having bad days or trouble with my music. He is an amazing piano teacher who would be perfect for anyone who is willing to learn piano."

-Male, 17

"I liked how he gets his point across in a nice way. I really enjoyed working with him. i learned so much from Jon. He is so knowledgeable about vocal training and made our lessons fun!"

-Sydney, 13

"He is very relatable, great music selections, I really enjoyed my lessons with Jon. He listened to questions that I had and took the time to explain techniques. He also pushed me out of my comfort zone, of a few songs a semester, into doing a sophomore recital, which I am grateful for. I would highly recommend him as a teacher!"

-Mindy 30

"I liked his: congeniality, willingness to find techniques that would work with the individual, encouragement, and knowledge."

-Ann, 68

"He was super chill but still wanted us to learn and improve. He's a really great teacher and a really fun guy to have teaching."

-Ryan, 15

"Your understanding of chords and male vocals was very helpful for me musically. I probably wouldn't be able to recognize that I was singing too sharp or too flat. He helped me improve vocally and helped me be more comfortable singing out loud."

-Male, 15

"Jon displays patience with the student and enthusiasm for piano and music in general. He made learning piano fun. I think that he makes a great teacher of adult students. "

-Female, 35

"He made my sessions fun. He helped improve my voice and helped me to figure out my range. He is very nice and gives constructive criticism in a gentle manner. He also will tell a stubborn singer when a song isn't in their range even though that person wants to use it for an audition."

-Elizabeth, 12

"I liked that you would push me to always do my best even if I didn't think I could do it myself. Jonathan Matthews is an amazing vocal coach. He believes in you from day one, and he only gives you a hard piece of music because he believes that you are more than capable of achieving greatness."

-Abby, 17

"I enjoyed the comfortable learning model as opposed to pressure to perfect the song. Jonathan is very laid back and provides a very comfortable learning environment. If you want to learn a vocal piece without the strange antics of other vocal teachers, Jonathan is good."

-Ryan, 21

"I liked how you made it fun to learn piano. It wasn't boring. My piano teacher was very fun. We played games while learning how to play the piano. He is so nice and makes things so fun."

-Mayci, 9