LogoMakr (5)Voice Lessons

At MIM we focus on teaching a universal singing technique that will lend itself well to almost any style. Within the 60 minute lesson you will work on exercises and repertoire selected by both the teacher and the student from a variety of styles and genres. Discounted group lessons also available, contact for more details.

LogoMakr (6)Piano Lessons

Beginning and intermediate levels focus on the fundamental techniques of the piano in an enjoyable way. With children's games to help learn the piano and notes to exercises that train your fingers to play the many different patterns of piano music, we will give you a solid foundation.

LogoMakr (7)Guitar/Bass Lessons

Our beginning guitar and bass lessons teach the student the fundamental elements, including: reading sheet music and tablature, understand the construction and progressions of chords and scales, pick, finger picking, and slap techniques, and various tuning systems.

Logomakr_65XJo6Saxophone Lessons

Come learn to play the saxophone! This agile and popular instrument is a blast to play and a good first instrument to learn on!


LogoMakr (9)Children's Music Classes

Our children's music classes are designed to familiarize children with a variety of musical styles and genres in an interactive and fun way. They will sing, dance, and play instruments in a group setting that will teach them to appreciate and create music.


Bassoon Lessons

Debating what instrument you would like to learn for school band or for your own enjoyment? Come learn how to play this often overlooked double reed instrument. With its rich and long history, versatility of tone, range, and capability, you will enjoy the bassoon immensely!

Logomakr_1i3ik8Organ Lessons

More than just a strange piano, the organ is one of the most versatile instruments ever created. Come have fun learning how to play this whole-body instrument.