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joncolorsmallJonathan Matthews moved to Westlake Village in 2011 after proposing to his now wife of 6 years, Jamie Lang. He has always loved singing, playing instruments (piano, guitar, bass, sax, bassoon, trombone, and nose flute), and entertaining in general. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, he received his Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Utah. He then went to the Jacobs' School of Music at Indiana University in Bloomington, where he received his Master of Music and is a Doctoral Candidate of Music, both in Vocal Performance.

He has 16 years of teaching experience, including his current adjunct professorship at Pepperdine University, formerly at Lincoln Trail College, and various fine arts studios, in addition to his own private studio. He has also enjoyed an international performing career in opera, musical theater, voice over, and straight theater and looks forward to continuing his career locally.

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IMG_4722Jamie Matthews is a native of Westlake Village. She has studied voice, piano, and flute since childhood. She was in the top choirs at Westlake High School, where she graduated in 2003. She currently volunteers as the pianist in services at her church on Sundays and has in the past conducted the church choir as well.

She has years of experience raising children as both a mother and nanny. She is currently working toward her Bachelor's degree in childhood development. Jamie understands well the beneficial effects music can create in the lives of children and their parents and would love to help others in their musical pursuits.

josephMatthews Institute of Music is proud to present it's newest faculty member Joseph Peeples, teaching organ classes.

Joseph is an adjunct faculty member at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California, where he teaches applied organ and courses in music appreciation and keyboard harmony, and Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, where he teaches courses in music theory and aural skills. Joseph also serves on the faculty of the annual Brigham Young University Organ Workshop in Provo, Utah, where he has taught courses on a variety of topics, including organ registration, organ literature, pedal technique, improvisation, and music theory.

What We Do

We Give Affordable, Quality Musical Education

We use our expertise to train you how to perform to the best of your abilities. We understand that everyone learns at different rates and with different learning styles. With our experience and teaching method we will find the style(s) that work best for our students so that they can develop music skills in the most effective way.

At the Matthews' Institute of Music we feel that everyone deserves a high quality musical education regardless of previous experience and financial background. We understand that some cannot afford the high prices of music teachers in the area, but still want to learn music. We have competitive rates and a reserved number of openings for lower income students at a discounted rate, so we can accommodate all that want to learn.

"I appreciate the patience Jon had with my child who can have a very hard time focusing... Jon was very professional and understanding when my child exhibited bad behavior. My son... loved going to lessons with Jon."
-Stephanie, mother of Sawyer, 7


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